Lindsay Katt

This incredibly inspiring interview with Lindsay Katt became a conversation not only about fashion and music, but about women in the industry, how important it is to spread the truth about attaining pure freedom as an artist, and the need to become the change for future generations.  She opened my eyes to the deeper issues that were hiding behind the more trivial questions I was prepared to ask.

Lindsay is a warm, grounded, humble, and absolutely lovely person who is a light in the overwhelming darkness that can cloud our vision as artists.  It was such a joy to talk with her!

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Marriage of Music and Style

When I first began performing in grade school my mother always stressed how important it was to look my absolute best when I was on stage. Whether I was singing for a choir concert in the middle of our local mall or in front of the Pittsburgh Symphony at Heinz Hall, my hair, make up, and outfit were carefully curated and gussied up to the nines. I’m not sure if it was for me, so I could stand out from the crowd, or more for her so as to avoid the embarrassment of my.. unique fashion choices (I passionately advocated for the bubble shirt which, I’m afraid, never made the cut). I learned that no matter the setting or kind of performance, you always put your best self forward to show respect. Now, it’s important to note that at this point in my life I had been idolizing the stars of Broadway and everything in their world was glamorous. They lit up the stage with their flashy costumes and animated characters, creating a fantasy world I so desperately wanted to be a part of.  Even for performances on TV and talk shows they always perfectly dressed the part, so it made sense that if I wanted to reach that status one day I had better start suiting up!

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